Five Moons RPG: Summary of Recent Kickstarter Updates

Here’s an overview of the recent Five Moons RPG kickstarter updates: The September 28 update has Gerald Lee’s sphinx illustration The September 29 update says solo portraits by Gerald are now an add-on for the kickstarter (they’re like the “illustrate your group of PCs for the book” Group Portrait reward, but for one character) several…


Five Moons RPG: A bit on cantrips, Kickstarter Update #4 summary

Sean’s blog has a bit about cantrips that relates to Five Moons RPG. The September 27 update to the Five Moons RPG kickstarter mentions: Add-ons have been added for the print and PDF versions of the Corebook and Player’s Guide. The PDF Player bundle is now correctly listed at a $7 reward level instead of $10. Free…

Five Moons RPG cover

Five Moons RPG: Kickstarter Update #3 summary

The September 26 update to the Five Moons RPG kickstarter mentions: A free solo adventure is being added to all backer levels The Group Portrait backer level (where your group’s PCs get illustrated and put in the Corebook) now will include the playtester materials Expect a printable flier about the kickstarter campaign, if you want to post…