Rogue Stealth

Sneaking, Class Skills

The Five Moons RPG playtest has been delayed because I’ve been fiddling with bits of the skills system. Sneaking As I mentioned in an earlier blog, Stealth in 3E/PF is a little wonky, and–because creatures are assumed to be looking in all directions at once–basically you can’t use Stealth if there isn’t cover or concealment.…

Designer Talk: When the Game is TOO Complex

It’s not secret that I’m a fan of 3E/PF, and the basics of Five Moons are informed and inspired by 3E/PF. But as I go through the chapters of the Player’s Handbook and Core Rulebook, I keep running into rules that make the game a lot more complex and “realistic,” but I don’t really think…

Coming back from the Dead

On my personal blog, I wrote a long, long, long post about why there’s no game mechanics reason for the 5,000 gp diamond cost of raise dead in Pathfinder. In the Five Moons RPG, there is no such cost. I thought you’d want to know that. 🙂

Five Moons RPG cover

Five Moons RPG: Simplifying Monsters and NPCs

I’ve written and developed about a zillion monsters for D&D and Pathfinder. Low CR, high CR, mythic, and many weird corner cases. One of the reasons I wrote the Great Paizo Mythical Stat Block Spreadsheet was to handle all of the cumbersome math and formatting for creature stat blocks–calculating BAB, saves, skill ranks, numbers of…