Rogue Stealth

Five Moons Pre-Alpha Playtest

Do you have a few hours to run or play a low-level game session? Download the Five Moons Pre-Alpha Playtest Document, give it a read, build some characters, beat up some monsters, and let me know what you think. Thanks! UPDATE 12/31/14: Scroll down to below the picture for some FAQs! SKR-FM-PAT-Five-Moons-Pre-Alpha-Playtest (PDF)   FAQs (I’ll…


Boosts and Recharge Mechanics

In preparation for the pre-alpha playtest document, I’ve been thinking about some special combat options (like disarm), weapons with the ability to perform unusual actions (such as whips), and spending boosts to do that. In an earlier blog, I had described how in some cases learning a combat feat is the routine version of a…

Coming back from the Dead

On my personal blog, I wrote a long, long, long post about why there’s no game mechanics reason for the 5,000 gp diamond cost of raise dead in Pathfinder. In the Five Moons RPG, there is no such cost. I thought you’d want to know that. 🙂

Poison Arrow Frog Drawing


The role of a familiar in D&D is complex and has changed many times over the years. Originally there was a spell called find familiar, which a wizard could learn to attract and bind a creature as a familiar. In 3E, it became a class ability that any sorcerer or wizard could do (which probably was done…

Focus on the PCs

The Weirdness of Touch Attack AC

In this article I have so many footnotes that using asterisks becomes annoying, so instead I’m using bracketed footnote numbers, like this[0]. If you’re a wizard in 3E, it’s hard to hit with your attack-roll spells because your BAB is really low. And because 3E added a whole bunch of attack-roll spells[1], it’s fairly common…

Octavius character sheet

Update #17: Prototype Wizard Character Sheet

Update #17 has a prototype 1st-level wizard character sheet and four wizard spell previews (here is a direct link to the full-size character sheet). The next update will have the rogue character sheet preview and the example-of-play-video! (You may want to compare this character sheet to the warrior’s character sheet from an earlier post.) If you…