Update: Expanding Options, Traditional Fantasy Races

I posted Update #37 to the Kickstarter page, a detailed update about a change to character classes that greatly expands your options when you level up, some more info on the standard races going into the Corebook, and another Gerald Lee art preview.


3 thoughts on “Update: Expanding Options, Traditional Fantasy Races

  1. Similar to my comment in the KS, but also different as you’ll see below.

    {So if you put two and two together, then the standard races for this game could be humans and human-people who took on traits appropriate to one of the moon-entities}

    I totally picture those Dragon Ball-styled audience scenes, where have bunch of random animal people, with possibly other types, and regular humans as well:http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120105090256/wikitebeos/es/images/a/a7/ImagesCA1RS4GV.jpg

    {. Especially because there are a zillion games out there that already give you those races. …., and the idea of a “race builder” set of rules. }
    I’m a grand supporter of exotic races, and strongly desired to see more monster races see play in Fantasy games. So I’m a grand supporter of this notion, and hope the Five focused races + Humans will allow for great amount of racial variety. Otherwise I do hope we’ll have a “race builder” as ye mentioned, as it’d go long way to seeing lot of new race ideas being made for the game, help fill in the gaps between the years of rules updates.

    {and if they want to learn stunts or spells, they have to train (with “downtime”) with a PC or NPC to learn that. }
    I thought that’s what Heroic Feats were for?, as they allowed PC’s to pick any actual feat, or simply just take another power of any kind. Though I understand that may later on force certain characters to have certain “minimum level” till they can played, so ye want to seek to do away with such.

    This does mean ye want to ensure that all the powers of a given level, are level appropriate for the type of expected challenges they would be facing at that point. So it’ll be interesting to see how Cronks & spells 20th+ versions compare to completing those challenges.

    I’m curious if you’re saving the final Moon Number FIVE for an article, or as a mystery for us to find out??

    Finally, I know its on a “when its finished” schedule at this point, and sorry to prod…Wondering to what’s left till playtest release on Five Moons? I, a friend of mine, and I’m sure many others are anxious to wondering how close Five Moons is to presentation.


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  3. {, I’m gonna keep the distinction in the game. For now. So the difference is:
    * cronks are abilities that are generally about attacks or defenses
    * stunts are abilities that are generally about skills
    * spells are abilities that are unusual or tend to break the expected laws of physics }

    In some way, kinda bothers me, in that I guess I was hoping They’d all have high level equivalents, that may replicate some spell-like effects, but all within each class’s flavor (So Warriors fly-continuously at 3e 10th, or 5m 20th, plot manipulation etc.). I suppose I”m concerned with that [Cronks] with such a narrow focus, may not get cool level appropriate abilities, and be mostly just more numbers. Making those who may want to play “Mono” Warriors/Rogue? unable to contribute to higher level challenges, or their effects not bending reality like spells. As spells defined by their ability to mess with physics, the others not so much necessarily, though I hope they’ll do Supernatural stuff right up there with the casters. Though I know this set-up merely just means they take spells, but all the same that design space can seem limited.

    Compounding on this bit, since it can now be considered unreliable what effects classes get, I’ve concern that the challenges themselves won’t be pushing the envelope like 3e did. Where say, the monsters themselves don’t have amazing abilities, ending up with a lot of “Bruiser” type monsters like in 4e (or allegedly, 5e when not auto-pass fiat). Advantage of 3rd edition how monsters over time changed a bit, and/or players had new tactics to overcome challenges that retained low level assumption (Ex: Dire Bears are higher level bruiser-bear types, but can simply skip them via flight, immobilize their movement and leave, etc). This extends to environmental challenges as well, it’d be lame if environments didn’t get more exotic because game doesn’t assume have any ability to pass them (Not saying this is the case mind).

    Unless there is some assumption in the game of Players having Certain powers of X type, can make things harder to balance if the effects aren’t samey (a great thing to avoid, since 4e suffered under that redundant paradigm). Though if classes are granting extra Boosts/day based on their realm of Powersource flavor, then to a degree an assumption is still present?

    {The results of the playtest may push changes that make these differences entirely meaningless, so I’m willing to leave that as a possibility}

    If I may ask, what criteria would this require to indicate that the differences are entirely meaningless, and thus all powers should just be a collection of such?.


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