5 thoughts on “Lafreesh, the Lynx Moon

  1. {but to recharge a bit I decided to write a bit about one of the moon-creatures from the World of Five Moons: Lafreesh, The Lynx Moon}
    I feel like there’s a pun here, though the name is likely coincidental and been decided before even declared the KS. Though the name is still cool, reach for a pun or not.

    {Some are limited in their reach and can only grant their powers within a limited area.}

    I imagine all the Moon Gods or “Five Celestials” would reach through all parts of the land in the setting. Though I suppose that all depends on how powerful all the gods powers they grant are, in the attempt to “balance” them to their environment (or simply only good for that environment). Basically don’t want a situation where one god is better over another in terms of cool options to choose from in general (though I understand a water moon is going to more useful in a underwater adventure, than say, the Earth Moon).

    { who is large enough to be seen by the naked eye even by observers on the ground.}

    That’s actually really cool, I can see that as being a truly legendary threat that the PC’s feel they could aspire to facing someday. I’m sure some might wonder the “science” behind it, with the Moon(s) being closer to the planet, and the creature being quite Colossal. Makes me wonder how truly big are going to be the Five Celestials (or least this one), simply going for Colossal or is it going to have a custom more “kaiju” size?

    All in all, I think this is a cool idea, and I look forward to seeing the playtest soon! Wasn’t sure if gonna go for late Feb instead, which I would’ve understood.


  2. My apologies if I’m speaking too soon, I understand likely super busy on the Monster Manual, among other colossal things of the project to get it ready for Playtest. However, I wish to inquire that you mentioned it would be out a “few days” ago? Seems 8 days later, and I understand mentioned a Feb 16th interview w/ Louis Porter, Jr.

    Does this mean it’s going for a Feb 16th, or moreso mid-late Feb release? Since i know you intended Late Jan, early February, but seems it’ll be more Late February. I myself am fine with a late release, so long as it means the contents are all there, and ready to be playtested (all 25lvs, all subsystems, classes, etc). I merely just wish to see clarity to the matter at hand.

    (I’m presenting it on KS, Blog, and 5M’s FB for everyone’s benefit)


    • I’ve seen what happens when a Paizo playtest goes out before it’s ready, so I’ve been doing a lot of cross-checking, and decided to rework how the Sneak rules work (so they actually *work*) and basic skill rules work. This means the playtest will start later than I had planned, but I’d rather it be ready. And I can adjust my other deadlines so it has plenty of time to be playtested.


      • I understand that, what ye said there is in part what I’m meaning. At this juncture, would you be able/willing to give an update as to around when it’s likely going to be released? I find myself eagerly checking all Five Moon Channels daily to see if any updates, and a more up to date estimation would possibly quell that (laughs).

        Right now, I feel my guess of “Late Feb” is quite accurate, but would prefer a more “official” response.


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