The Demiplane of Gaming podcast #49: Sean K Reynolds

Owen KC Stephens (of Rogue Genius Games) and Steve Russell (of Rite Publishing) have a podcast called The Demiplane of Gaming, and last night I was their guest. We talked about Five Moons RPG and stuff. 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Demiplane of Gaming podcast #49: Sean K Reynolds

  1. To those that view this at all, Looks like starts around 13:26, 14:58? I believe is talking about the game. Rest of it weaves in and out due to it being casual, important bits I can recall is that it’ll be out in time for GenCon Next year, and 1:05:38 makes very important bit about the current “state” of the RPG. Lastly, 1:07:17 Talks about some specific notion of the “Inner Circle”, and 1:08:00+ goes into “why” might be worthwhile.

    I wanted to address the notion of the “Pitch Room”, for those it applies, does it have to be a Video Chat? As a 1-1 personal chat may not be the most comfortable, or ideal method for exchanging ideas, arguing them, and even simply presenting them to be pitched. I myself was imagining some special facebook like page or another, where the Backers of that would pitch and present their ideas.


    • The stuff you’re referring to at 1:08:00 refers to my RPG design class, where Louis (a pro publisher for PF-compatible material) wanted me to critique his design, and pull no punches, in the interest of improving his ability to design for PF.
      The purpose of *that* sort of discussion is very different (in purpose and tone) than a virtual meeting with a backer to brainstorm ideas and hear their suggestions about the game. With the former, you want me to *search for problems* so you can do better. With the latter, you want me to look for ways to *incorporate what you suggest* in order to make the project better.
      I don’t have any preference about communicating with the Inner Circle backers; their pledge level guarantees them some one-on-one discussion with me, but if some also want to share ideas in a group setting (like on a private FB group), that’s fine, too.


      • Well I meant that he’s giving a case as to why that can considered appealing. On top of that, they talk about how they shamelessly took ideas from you for being valued to them so. So these fueled as examples as to the “why” someone might find having a Personal chat with you special/worthwhile or have you.

        I didn’t mean the Pitch room would have that tone, I meant moreso that way of communication might be uncomfortable for someone. Or that there’s otherwise some other method they would prefer to present their ideas. That said, by no means pull any punches with critiquing a Pitch, Incorporating can be good if the idea is vague, but if it has more specific ways of function, changing it could harm its original intent. I only mention that as I’ve seen ideas that got “Incorporated” basically become a lesser version of themselves because of it.

        Any case, your last sentence answered the query, I just felt to clarify what I had meant. I think a “Private FB group” would be very awesome if the other Inner Circle backers would be interested in that.

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