Five Moons RPG: Summary of Recent Kickstarter Updates

Here’s an overview of the recent Five Moons RPG kickstarter updates:

The September 28 update has Gerald Lee’s sphinx illustration

The September 29 update says

  • solo portraits by Gerald are now an add-on for the kickstarter (they’re like the “illustrate your group of PCs for the book” Group Portrait reward, but for one character)
  • several FAQ items were added to the main kickstarter page about the OGL, playtesting, and magic items
  • Gerald’s aranea illustration

The October 1st update has a one-page downloadable flier you can print and post (with permission, please) at your local game store to let other people know about the game.

The October 2nd update has background info on the goblin race, Gerald’s goblin illustration, and a call for suggestions of monsters that you think should be in the Monster Guide (please post your monster suggestions as replies to that update, not here). In a few days I’ll take those suggestions and allow backers to vote for which monsters should fill out the roster.

Five Moons RPG cover


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